Podcast: 金莎足球Crane Engineering's Wastewater Treatment Project in Africa

Author: Jake Spence| August 7,2018 |

Mark Hassman of 金莎足球Crane Engineering joins thePump & Systems' podcast to discuss his team's development of a waste treatment system viable in areas where poor sanitation poses the greatest risk to human health.

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This is spurred by a $4.2 million grant from theBill and Melinda Gates Foundation.金莎足球Crane Engineering built a Mobile Septage Treatment System prototype in 2016,and it was tested in 2017.

Hassman goes in depth on his passion for the project and his team's trip to Ghana and Uganda,where they saw the problems first-hand.He also speaks on where 金莎足球Crane Engineering is currently at with the project.

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Jake Spence

Jake Spence

Jake is a member of the blogging team at 金莎足球Crane Engineering.He likes to get out in the field and talk to customers about how they've overcome challenges in their facilities,then write case studies to share with others who may face the same challenges.

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